Sonny Meyers

Sonny Meyers (also known as Tony) has worked at the House of Myrtlewood, Coos Bay, Oregon now 40 years at the end of April 2014. He has cut logs into lumber needed for items for about 25 of those years. Along with taking care of the drying process after he and a few other workers have marked up lumber before all the roughing out to band sawing, and he has done some of the finish turning.
      Finally he purchased a large lathe for his metal shop and has now changed over to the Powermatic 3520B and has been able to be turned loose on all the items and sizes and shapes he has wanted to turn over the years. His favorite are his pens but does enjoy the challenge of making boxes.
    Kind of a quiet guy, always listening to learn more about wood and is willing to help others in their projects.
Sonny Meyers Bio 1
Sonny in his shop!
Sonny Meyers Bio 5
Wooden Items by Sonny
Sonny Meyers Bio 7
Wood blanks for future boxes
Sonny Meyers Bio 6

          Finished Boxes from wood blanks

Sonny Meyers Bio 8
Bolt Action Pens and Bullet Casing Pens by Sonny
Sonny Meyers Bio 9
Captive Ring Wine Bottle Stoppers by Sonny
Sonny Meyers Bio 10
Wine Bottle Stoppers by Sonny
Sonny Meyers Bio 2
Pens by Sonny
Sonny Meyers Bio 4
Ice Cream Scoops by Sonny
Sonny Meyers Bio 3
Shawl Rings and Pins by Sonny
Show n tell May 2014 O
Myrtlewood foot massager
Spinning Tops - Sonny Meyers 001
Myrtle wood spinning tops available at  festivals.