Ron Drath

Ron Drath has been working with wood for 30 years as a Journeyman Carpenter.
After I retired we moved to Coos Bay, about 10 years ago.  I attended the blackberry
festival and was amazed at the talent of the turners here in Oregon.  I joined the
South Coast Wood Turners 2 years ago.  With the help and support of my fellow
turners I have made; pens, deer antler bullet pens, boxes and bowls.
I have just started trying to include a more artistic form of turning.
Being a novice wood-turner I want to say the South Coast Wood Turners are the
most supportive, helpful and friendly group of men and women I have had the
pleasure to know.  Anyone wanting to learn how to make bowls, pens and art
out of wood, we welcome you to join us here in Coos Bay.
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