November 2015 NewsLetter

News of the South Coast Woodturner’s Club
A Chapter of the American Association of Woodturner’s

November 2015
Meeting Notice:
Our next meeting will be held on: November 14th, 2015 at 9:00am
We meet the second Saturday of each month in the woodshop of the Harding School in Coos Bay. The Harding Building is located below Marshfield High School on 7th Street. Parking is behind the building near the football/track field. Enter the workshop through the door on at the NW corner of the building. Look for our sign on 7th street and near the door to the classroom.
Members, Guests and Prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meetings begin at 9am and include a club raffle, show and tell, woodturning demo and regular club business. Coffee is also provided.

Ikes Corner:
Christmas Party – The South Coast Woodturners’ Christmas Party is set for Sunday, December 13, 2:00 p.m. at the Black Market Gourmet in Coos Bay. The meal will consist of beef brisket, bread, salad, potato, vegetable, and dessert. If you or your guest have special dietary needs, please let me know and we will make arrangements with the cater. Your cost, including the gratuity, is $20. The cost of the meal is $30, but the club is covering $10 per meal. At the 11/14/15 club meeting a meal signup sheet will be passed around. You may pay for your meal at the 11/14/15 meeting.
I am hoping that members will join in the party’s optional gift exchange. The gift exchange rules are to bring a wrapped piece you have turned that is no larger than 3”x 3”x 6”. This is not a competition, but rather a time to give someone else something that you made. If you are bringing a guest and they are not a woodturner, I am encouraging that you consider bringing 2 gifts, so your guest can be a part of the fun.
Club Membership – It is time to pay your 2016 club dues. The membership is $20 for an individual or $25 for a family/couple. Please contact membership chair Bev Meyers to pay your membership dues. You are strongly encouraged to also become or continue your membership in the American Association of Woodturners.
Open Shop – The shop will be open and the club lathes setup during the afternoon of the November club meeting (11/14/15). The concept is that if you are having a turning problem, have a turning tool issue, or just want some time on the lathe, this is for you. Your board wants to see everyone grow in their turning skills and this is our attempt to provide mentors, equipment, and time for all turners. It’s our plan that this option will be available from the November meeting on.
Wood Sale – The club will be holding a wood sale on Saturday, November 21, beginning at 1:00 p.m. Recently the club received a generous gift of a significant amount of lumber. The club board has decided to keep the wood that can be used in the club activities, but to sell the remainder to club members. The plan is to place the lumber in reasonable sized units and to put a silent auction clip board at each unit for written bids. At the conclusion of the set time, the highest bid on the clipboard will be the auction winner of the unit. There is some beautifully figured myrtle and a variety of other woods. If you can use some lumber this should be a great place to be.
2016 Officer Election – The ballot for the officers for 2016 is prepared for the November meeting. The proposed ballot is Jim Toftner – President, Tristan Holland – Vice President, Ann Goulter – Secretary, and Ron Drath – Treasurer. Nomination of other individuals from the floor will be open at the meeting.
There is lots happening and I hope to see you at the meeting.

Jim’s Program Notes:
Our final program for 2015 will be a yarn spindle for knitters. We had to reschedule this program from a prior time. I’m sure that many of you know someone who knits and would like an aid like this when knitting. I am looking forward to Lee Bridges demo.
If you have a project that you would like some help with, bring your tools, project and come to the afternoon session. This is your time to advance your wood turning skills or just get some extra time on the lathe. Your participation will help insure we continue this program.
Jim Toftner – 541-271-1915 or

Secretary Report:
Nothing new. See October minutes below.

Treasurer’s Report:
Approx. $3,000

South Coast Woodturners’ Membership Dues are now being collected at each meeting. $25 for Family Membership, $20 for Single Membership
Also, to check your AAW label saying when your AAW Dues are due.

We have two new books in the library. So check out the website and make up your list on the good stuff you need to check out at the next meeting. We are always looking for suggestions for what we can add to the clubs selection. If you check something out please be sure to check it out and try to return it at the next meeting.
The list of what we have is on our website. Check it out!!
R. Kelley/SCWT Librarian

We now have hats. $15, they are green bill with Tan top. Items are still available, priced better than most other options.
Are there any ideas as to what we could stock that would sell??

USE IT, USE IT, USE IT!! If you have photos you would like loaded to it, just email the images to Shelley Knapp with a description of the image. If you would like your own area to show off your work, email Shelley a biography of yourself and your turnings.

For Sale:
To sell items or put a notice in the newsletter contact:
Tristan Holland @786-999-5516 or email
See you all Saturday, November 14th, at 9:00am!!

October Meeting Notes:
South Coast Woodturner’s Agenda
October 10, 2015
1. Welcome – Has everybody signed in to and those that have things signed in for show & tell. Do we have visitors today?
2. Treasurer’s Report – See notes above
3. Mystery Raffle – Tristan – Art Reichardt – Linda T won
4. Membership – Time to pay your dues begins now for 2016. Please see Ron Drath or Bev Meyers and note above
5. Library –Kelly any update?
6. Basic Turning Program Change – no program today because I believe the Woodworker’s Group are having a function today. Next month we are going to change to an open shop program. The member will bring in a project they need help with or have a mentor help them start a project they wish to do.
7. Christmas Party – Confirmation after all votes in – Black Market Gourmet on Sunday 12/13/15 – member cost will be $20.00 per attendee and the club will pay $10.00 per attendee. Last year we did a turned ornament exchange. We thought we might make it a little more open and restrict projects to be no greater than 3” x 3” x 6” of any kind. I a turner wishes he might make two gifts and have 2 gifts given back so that your significant person can have a gift as well.
8. Board of Director Meeting report – 2016 Officers – The Board of Directors has a persons who have offered their services for the next year. I will read the following suggestions and open the floor up for any additional members who may want to be considered on the Ballot at Nov meeting Past President – Ike Launstein; President – Jim Toftner; Vice President – Tristan Holland; Treasurer – Ron Drath; Secretary Ann Goulter.
Wood Sale – The club received a lot of donated wood – It was decided to remove wood that the club could use for its programs. The balance of the wood will be broken into smaller parcels and sold at a silent action to members. Would the club like to see this happen at a separate meeting on a Saturday or in the evening? Your pleasure.
Space at School Update & Clean up day.
2016 Programs: Plans are being made to shift programs a little for the new year. We hope to have some programs geared to the interests of the newer turners as well as some for the more advanced turners. See an officer if you have any suggestions for demonstrators or programs.
9. 2017 Oregon Symposium report – March 17 – 19th, 2017.
A. – We will have the bigger Willamette Room instead of the Santiam Room – increase in square footage from 21k to 48k
B – Confirmed Demonstrators are Stuart Mortimer, Binn Pho, Al Stirt, Dixie Boggs, Nick Cook, Christian Bruchard and Michael Blankenship.
C – Plan to add one more demo room inside the Willamette Room
D- Plan to add a free booth for the Woodworker’s and the Wood Carvers in the supply area
10. Program for November – Lee Bridge making a yarn spindle
11. Show & Tell – drawing
12. School Presentation – Ron Drath, Richard Kelly and Ike Launstein. Possible hands on turning class in the future.
13. Lunch Plans
14. Break
15. Wood Raffle
Program Introduction – Joe Essin – Pepper Mill & CNC