South Coast Woodturners
Mentor List

The following members of the South Coast Woodturners have made themselves available
to individuals interested in gaining assistance and advice in dealing with woodturning issues.

Tristan Holland   786-999-5516
Ron Newlander   541-759-3636
Steve Knowlton   541-297-3543

Ed Meyer   541-756-4553

Bowl Gouge Usage
Ed Meyer   541-756-4553
Rick Fox   541-217-1903

Woodburning/Gilding/ Dying
Jim Hodson   541-233-4045

Segmented Turning
Bill Bartoswicz   541-888-4439

Large Turnings
Rick Fox   541-217-1903

Wood Carving
Mark Stueve   541-404-8379

Jim Toftner   541-271-1915
Ron Drath   541-267-6269
Jay Ekholm   541-756-7766
Ike Launstein   541-271-3537