March 2015 Show n Tell

Show n Tell at the March Meeting

TristanTristan Holland – small spalted applewood bowl

Ron DrathRon – First thing with a skew gouge. Small baseball bat.
3 winged box with lid. Myrtlewood, cherry and mystery wood. Finished in pens plus

Dan RDan R – honey dipper from class

Dan ZDan Z- Yarn bowl out of myrtlewood from 2 blocks,
butcher block bowl and bottle stopper finished mineral oil. small cup. myrtlewood goblet.

Ed MEd M – honey dipper

Jan KellyJan Kelly – Class honey dipper. 2 seam rippers. All out of myrtlewood.

Jim HJim H – spalted alder with woodburnt sand pippers. Also, the bring-back gift

Jim TJim T – Wormy bowl from maybe cherry.

John MJohn M – Honey dipper from the turning class

KellyKelly – Iron wood and Ash gavel for the president.

[column]Bill B[/column]
[column]Bill B (2)[/column]
[/column-group]Bill B – Myrtlewood finished with wipe on poly and wax Lidded Urn with plumbing parts for the screw lid. Handled vessel hollowed out, wipe on poly. Small myrtlewood rimmed bowl. 2 small bowls from last months meeting. One with an inlay. Segmented rimmed bowl.

[column]Sonny Meyer 3[/column]
[column]Sonny Meyer[/column]
[column]Sonny Meyer 2[/column]
[/column-group]Sonny M – Learned how to use a woodworm screw to start. Made a catalpa bowl. 2 bottle stoppers. Captive ring and a ball one. Myrtlewood. Mylands and Renaissance wax.