March 2015 NewsLetter

News of the South Coast Woodturner’s Club
A Chapter of the American Association of Woodturner’s

March 2015
Please Pay 2015 South Coast Woodturners Dues

Meeting Notice:
Our next meeting will be held on: March 14th, 2015 at 9:00am
We meet the second Saturday of each month in the woodshop of the Harding School in
Coos Bay. The Harding Building is located below Marshfield High School on 7th Street.
Parking is behind the building near the football/track field. Enter the workshop through
the door on at the NW corner of the building. Look for our sign on 7th street and near
the door to the classroom.
Members, Guests and Prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meetings
begin at 9am and include a club raffle, show and tell, woodturning demo and regular club
business. Coffee is also provided.

Ikes Corner:
On February 28th ten individuals completed phase I (Between Centers Project) of the
Beginning Woodturning class. Phase II, focusing on turning a bowl, will be on March
21st. Congratulations to the folks that completed the phase I session. You all did a great
job! A second round of classes will be offered soon as we have 15 people on a waiting
list for the class.
The South Coast Woodworkers have invited our Woodturners club to join them in
displaying a portion of our best work at the Coos Art Museum. The display will take place
from April 18 through July 1, 2015. I will have details and paper work at the March 14th
meeting. Please begin considering a couple of your best things to display. There is a lot
of great talent in our club and this is an opportunity for us to show the community.
Great things are happening in the South Coast Woodturners Club. This is because many
of you are going the extra mile to support and promote the club. Thanks for making this
a great group.

Jim’s Program Notes:
March Program
To all class participants, please bring your honey dippers for show and tell to the
meeting as this will qualify you for the drawing for the $25.00 that we draw each month.
Our meeting this month is another hands on meeting. Bring at least one tool that you
would like help in sharpening correctly. Ed Meyer will be the instructor for the
day. There will be at least 2 sharpening devices at the meeting and people to assist
We also hope to have several people reporting on the Oregon Symposium
experience. Hope to see you all there.
Jim Toftner

Treasurer’s Report:
See the notes from the February meeting below.

Just a short note, We have a new selection for our book collection (E-35). “Getting
started in Wood turning” it’s put out by the AAW.
It is really good, as covers all aspects of our craft. You may consider adding it to your
own library. Best price found is at Amazon for $17.20 plus shipping.
Always looking for more additions or suggestions.
Also a reminder that one of the many benefits of being a member of SCWT is that we
get a 15% discount on turning related items at our local Oregon Tool and Supply. Just
show your membership card. The KLINSPOR Woodworker Supply has SCWT on its list
for discounts if want to shop on line. Any questions on this see me at the October
R. Kelley/SCWT Librarian

We now have hats. $15, they are green bill with Tan top. Items are still available, priced
better than most other options.
Are there any ideas as to what we could stock that would sell??

USE IT, USE IT, USE IT!! If you have photos you would like loaded to it, just email the
images to Shelley Knapp with a description of the image. If you would like your own
area to show off your work, email Shelley a biography of yourself and your turnings.

To sell items or put a notice in the newsletter contact:
Tristan Holland email
See you all Saturday, March 14th at 9:00am!!

February Meeting Recap
Ike called the meeting to order. Welcomed guests, Linda T made cookies!!
● John Muenchrath – from the South Coast Woodworkers spoke about the art
display…April 24th – June 27th at the Coos Bay Art Museum. John has the sales stuff,
Ike will distribute it to the members participating. John will get back to us as to when we
will deliver items. Due date for paperwork is April 4th. Going to try and get it in The
World newspaper. Art museum has many different set ups to show your works.
● Trey from Wayne’s color center is going to give a seminar on March 11th, Wed, at 9am.
A finishing products company guy will be there. Boat Works at west end of Newmark
● Treasures report – $2,606.72.
● Membership is good for percent off at several local stores and many in Portland.
● Board approved learning to turn class. Ed asked about the class costs. $20 for nonmembers
and $10 for members and students.
● Club Shows—-Board decided that the club would only do the Cranberry festival.
Woodcarvers show – Rick Fox wants to participate contact him or Ron D. Charge for
booths would be on the participating members. Blackberry festival would be another
● Woodturners symposium. March 6th-8th. sign up Today. Cost goes up tomorrow. Ron
and Ed are co-chairs for coordinating rides for those that want to go one day.
● Ed – tools working on it
● Kelly – Library ordered a new ebook was supposed to be DVD. Check stuff out. New
pricelist for bandsaw blades, went up less than $1 per blade. Get your requirements to
Kelley, he has the pricelist. Seam rippers are still selling. Kelly will drill holes and get
setup. Jan is a mad seller of these.
● Jan Kelly – Request for rippers for Florence group. Quilt show in end of July is 5-10% of
sales. Another Lady going to a retreat needs 9 for her. We need to build up a supply,
because they sell!
● Toftner – Future programs – The purpose of our club to is to make better turners and
mentor our turners. If you want to visit someone’s shops, just ask. It’s what we are here
for. Jim just learned how to make duck calls, with Art doing the teaching. We are here
to learn from each other. Bart Stein is here for bowl gouge. Next month is Ed and
sharpening. April – Band saw segmented platter – Turner from Roseburg will be here
Dick Worthery. Lee Bridge is yarn spindles May. June is Rick Fox, offset turning. Jim
needs help with what we want, because this is what the demos are about. New turner
from McMinville can come if we want.
● lunch plans – lucky star????
● Jim Hodson won Ike’s bring back.  Spalted something with Redwood Top. Sorry for the closed eyes Ike!!

1st_Ever_Bring_Back_IkeToJimH Feb 2015













● From Jim Hodson – Cynthia Gibson is a VERY good woodburner. She will doing a 2 day
course in early April. Ike will find more info.
Her husband Mike does the turning, Cynthia embellishes the work.

● Show and tell drawing winner – $25 craftsupply – Jim Hodson