South Coast Woodturners Library

Videos, DVDs, and books are checked out for a month at a time.  If you don’t make the next month’s meeting, make sure you return it the following month.
A1 thru A15 open for new DVD

A16 Beyond Wood – Giantranco Angel 2
A17 Woodturning _ with Ray Allen
A18 Beyond Wood – Portrait of an Artist-Hans Weissflug
A19 Turn It On – Volume 1 by Jimmy Clewes|
A20 Turn It On – Volume 2 by Jimmy Clewes
A21 Turn It On – Volume 3 by Jimmy Clewes
A22 Building Tables – Do-It-Yourself
A23 The Skew Chisel – The Dark Side-The Sweet Side by Adam Lacer
A24 From the Tree to the Table – Making Bowls & Plates for the Kitchen-by Mike Mahoney
A25 Surface Design by Binn Pho
A26 Turn It Up – Volume 1 by Jimmy Clewes
A27 Turn It Up – Volume 2 by Jimmy Clewes
A28 Turn It Up – Volume 3 by Jimmy Clewes
A29 Thin Wall Turning – with Binn Pho
A30 Turning the World – Norway with Jimmy Clewes
A31 Turning the World – Scotland with Jimmy Clewes
A32 Turning the World – Las Vegas with Jimmy Clewes
A33 Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan
A34 Wood Turning Projects – Volume 1 with Ray Key
A35 Wood Turning Projects – Volume 2 with Ray Key
A36 Wood Turning Projects – Volume 3 with Ray Key
A37 Wood Turning Projects – Volume 4 with Ray Key
A38 The Basic Box- Turned Boxes with Ray Key
A39 The Finial Box- Turned Boxes with Ray Key
A40 The Finial Box- Turned Boxes with Ray Key
A41 The Capsule Box – Turned Boxes with Ray Key
A42 Sharpening Demystified with Kirk DeHeer
A43 Vessels of Illusion with Trent Bosch
A44 Hollow Forms & Urns workshop with Mike Mahoney
A45 Wet Turning with a Difference with Stuart Mortimer
A46 Yo-Yo Turning – The One Piece (no glue) Design With Ed Davidson ( aka YoYoSpin)
A48 Decorative Utility Bowls with Trent Bosch
A49 Introduction to Segmented Turning with Curt Theobald
A50 Turning Pens with Res & Kip
A51 Turning Acrylic Materials with Barry Gross
A52 Turning Christmas Ornaments with Rex & Kip Vol. 6
A53 Turning Christmas Ornaments with Rex & Kip Vol. 5
A54 Elegant Finals – Cindy Drozda
A55/56 Finial Star – Cindy Drozda
A57 Elliptical Turning – with Dave Springetti
A58 Turning Unusual Material with Bonnie Klein
A59 Back to Basics Jimmy Clewes
A60 Oregon Wood Turners Fair 2004
A62 Sharpening Woodturning Tools – Mike Darlow
A63 Turned Around – Jimmy Clewes
A64 Inlaying Minerals
B 1 Turner Bowls &Other Projects by Bonnie Klein
B 2 Tools for Hollow Turning by David
B 3 Turned Boxes-The Capsule Box by Ray Key
B 4 1999 AAW National Symposium – Charlotte North Carolina
B 5 2000 AAW National Symposium – Charlotte North Carolina Vol. One
B 6 2000 AAW National Symposium Charlotte North Carolina Vol. Two
B 7 the AAW – WHO WE ARE – WHAT WE OFFER (Copy 1)
B 8 the AAW – WHO WE ARE – WHAT WE OFFER (Copy 2)
B 9 the AAW – WHO WE ARE – WHAT WE OFFER (Copy 2)
B10 Turning for Furniture – with Ernie Conover
B11 Turning a Box with Fitted Lid with Richard Raffan
B12 Hollow Turning with John Jordan
B13 Turned Boxes – The Finial Box with Ray Kay (2 tapes)
B14 Bowl Turning with Del Stuffs
B15 Hollow Form – Natural Edges by Gris Stott
E 1 Award Winning Designs for Wood Turning
E 2 Wood turning – A Foundation Course by Keith Rowley
E 3 Turned Wood Projects by John Herbert
E 4 Wood Turning Jewelry by Hilary Bowen
E 5 500 Wood Bowls by Lark Books
E 6 Turning Wood (3rd Ed.) by Richard Raffan
E 7 Wood Turning How a Master Creates by David Ellsworth
E 8 Woodturning Basic by Bonnie Klein
E 9 Art of Turned Bowls Richard Raffan
E10 Woodturning Wizardry by David Springett
E11 Carving on Turning 2011 by Chris Pye
E12 Turning Vintage Toys 2010 by Chris Reid
E13 Beneath the Bark – Twenty Five Years of Woodturning at the Utah Symposium 2011
By Kip Christensen & Dale Nish
E14 Woos ID & Use by Terry Porter
E15 Art of Turned Bowl by Richard Raffan
E16 Turning natural Edge Bowls 2011 By Bernard Hohlfeld
E17 Art of Segmented Turning Malcolm Tibbitts
E18 Wood Turning Time- Life Books
E20 Turning Threaded Boxes by John Swanson
E21 Turning Wood by Richard Raffen
E22 Making Bowls by Patrick Spielman
E23 Turning Tools & Equipment –by John Sainsburg
E24 Craft of Woodturning by John Sainsburg
E25 Beyond Basic Turning by Jack Cox
E26 The Wood turners Companion by Ron Roszkiewicz
E27 Polychromatic Assembly for Wood turners by E.
E28 Lathes & Turning Techniques – Fire Wood Working
E29 Inside Wood by William Harlow
E30 Wood Color and Kind
E31 Know Your Wood by Al. Constantine
E32 Pens for the Wood Lathe- Dick Sing
E33 Collector’s Choice Photo Collection