June 2014 NewsLetter

News of the South Coast Woodturner’s Club
A Chapter of the American Association of Woodturner’s

June 2014

Meeting Notice:

Our next meeting will be held on: June 14, 2014

We meet the second Saturday of each month in the woodshop of the Harding School in Coos Bay. The Harding Building is located below Marshfield High School on 7th Street. Parking is behind the building near the football/track field. Enter the woodshop through the door at the NW corner of the building. Look for our sign.
Guest and members are welcome to attend the regular meetings starting at 9:00 a.m. Meetings include Club raffle, show and tell turnings and woodturning. Coffee included!

Meeting: My thanks to Bev for taking minutes as the last meeting. (Bernie)
South Coast Woodturners Meeting -Minutes… May 10, 2014
Members and Guests Present: Bob Jensen, Jim Ross, Sonny Kuritti, Ron Newlander, Bill Bartoswicz,
Jim & Linda Toftner, Ed Meyer, Tristan Holland, Ike, Sonny and Bev, Lee Bridge, Randy Knapp,
Jay Ekholm, Art, Steve Knowlton, Jim Hodson, Ken Bauer, Ron Drath and Jim Eichman…
Guests from Coos Bay are a Father & Son – George and Mike Walberg.
Meeting Gathered about 9AM and led by Pres. Ike Launstein.
Ran through all offices for input to members:
Treasurer’s Report, by Jim Eichman
Carving and Woodturners Sales Show brought in the income. With $379. left extra from Lathe.
*New to us Jet 1642 Lathe, slightly used by Bob Jensen & what we wanted and in good price range.
Only needed to clean deck & oil. Drive Unit and Tool Rack, Face plates and Looks Great !
(The High School lathes are called a Midi – Jet 1236. Which we have used a few times.)
Membership Report, by Ed Meyer- 27 members to date. New Membership Phone list available.
NEW HATS – will be soon ordered by Ed….will show Club Logo on green hat.
Library… Rich Kelly not at meeting but please use our Library…VERY good info, DVDs, & Books.
WEBSITE !! Thanks Shelley and Randy’s pictures are right up to date… Check it out at
southcoastwoodturners.com … and send in your pictures of personal creations to Shelley.
Also, a new link on website to sell items. Check out the Classified Ads.
*motion voted and approved to rid past month’s minutes on website and just keep up to date ones.
Programs in Future, by Jim Toftner- today, May 10th is Problem Solving. June DVD with Jimmy
Clewes on Platters-from our Library. July, Art Reichardt will again help us learn to make
Game Calls. Just today, there were a good 12-15 members showing interest in making Game Calls.
*noted costs $3-$9 for kits, which will be ordered. …each type call might have different drill
size- Randy, Ed, and Art are already getting their heads together on this club project.
August Meeting- mentioned something to do with – Getting Ready for the Sept. Cranberry Fest.
Thanks to Darrel Barr to donate back to club for almost unused T-shirt and Hoody….both are sold.
Show and Tell Turnings: See items on our club’s website. Ron Drath, Jim Toftner, Linda Toftner,
Sonny Meyers, Sonny Kuritti, Bill B., Tristan Holland, guest Mike Walberg brought in woods from
Africa as he was in the Peace Corp for last 3 or so years working in Agriculture and Forestry.
Randy K., Bev’s idea with Sonny doing lathe turning, & Jim Hodson, Art and Jim Eichman’s items.
Winner of $25 Craft Supply Gift Certificate….was Sonny Meyers….so bring in item and maybe WIN.
WOOD RAFFLE-…club received $74 from members buying tickets! …. Ike, Jim T., Lee Bridge,
Jim Eichman, Randy, both Sonny M. & Sonny K, Jay, Tristan, Mike Walberg, Steve K. all took
home wood with Sonny Meyers and Lee Bridge receiving both a $10 Craft Supply Gift Certificate.
Today’s Project – ”What Do I do When?” as our Problem Solving Day. -Thanks to Jim Toftner.
*we all started out very nicely with one question and that as wood turning does…went into a few other
directions but we were all listening and keeping on the topics.

Question– Can’t stop ‘tear out’. …
(with a lot on input from more than one with only one solution. So, add a lot together of ideas
and make turning work for you.) (Test What works best for you.)
Answer– Use sharp tools, Use wood hardeners but could cause stain. Apply with brush, 3-4 coats,
sand in between coats. Use Super Glue, closer to finished/final shape of item. But if any moisture
in wood, white hazy finish will happen…so be sure wood is totally dry. Using Sanding Sealer
didn’t help one member on his item. Try Shellac and then sand. ‘Don’t use sand paper so long- get
a new piece ! And don’t get so hot as fingers will burn- along with item.’
-Something about Stick Fast , CA Glue & Activator need to work together.

Question– What to do with Voids/cracks in wood being turned?
AND when to stop turning item due to major crack while still on lathe?
Answer– Apply CA Glue or epoxy. Can add wood, rock or metal fillings to Glues to fill voids.
Can also try coffee grounds, dried and powered in blender, add glue, fill. For accent color to item.
When item is too scary to turn or it blows up…it goes into fireplace as firewood !

Question– Heat Checking- Slow lathe speed, get new piece of sand paper or this new mesh/Abranet.
And can wrap edge with Packaging tape to avoid cracking while in drying stage.

Question-Glued fingers together ? (Yes, this really was asked!!)
Answer– Use gloves, small brush, slow lathe speed… and remove with DeBonder or Acitone.
Suggestion:…while using these finishes, it is permanent so cover glasses due to splatters !!

Question– How to keep brushes working/soft?
Answer– Keep used brush in small plastic bags- push out all extra air- good for couple days.
Or as member removes his gloves, he grabs the brush and folds inside glove…then unwind and use.

Question– What about info on boiling woods before turning?
Answer– Jim Hodson and Lee Bridge are both good ones to ask about this.
Jim has huge 2’x3′ stainless kettle, Lee has used huge Turkey Pan. Big enough to bring to rolling boil.
…. Rough out and inside of item to about 1” thick, usually boil Madrone, can add Maple into same boil to change Maple wood color.
Boil one hour per inch thick. -let set in water in kettle until room temperature maybe over nite or wood will for sure crack with temperature change. Take out of water, drip dry, put out into shade for year or so. Putting into paper bags sometimes work but mold will probably happen. Spray wood with mist of bleach water to rid mold but might bleach wood…continue drying.
Check moisture with Moisture Reader Thing- here on Coast moisture runs 12% …inland goes lower %.

Question– Why Boil Wood?
Answer– Air Drying wood dries wood but the woods with really a lot of stress/figure- will bend/ twist.
If boiled, the inner cells of the wood -and the outer cells all get stabilized.

Question– How to Seal Cracks…. going back a bit to voids but smaller ones this time.
Answer– (ask Jim Hodson for more ‘correct’ info) …1/10# cut shellac to Alcohol, Zinzer Wax Free.
*this meeting was a real kick to try to keep all these Q & A all in order. Ask Jim about this 1/10# !!

Question– What tools to buy for what job on lathe?
Answer- #ONE- see what you need to do and find the right tool. Look at depth of vase or bowl
to see the length of the tool needed to REACH the bottom of the vase or bowl.
*How about the less expensive tool…type of steel used to keep sharper edge? Randy Knapp did mention the ‘darker orange the sparks are while sharpening- means harder steel.’ Money doesn’t mean a thing, inexpensive tools, if the type you need- will be fine.
*How about getting the very inside bottom curve of bowl?… use large SHARP flat tool- Scraper.

Question– What type light to get for over lathe?
Answer– Inexpensive- $15. at Fred’s… clamp on, swivel, extending arm…type with Heavy bulb.

Question– Sharpening Tools ? Keep tools sharp, with light touch up of tool after correct shape.
Keep Grinding Wheel ‘true’-dressed with Diamond Wheel Dresser.

Question– What types of Sanding Disc to use?
Answer– Some turners like disc on angle grinder, with Velcro or other type with clips. Another Test.

Question– How and what to use to clean lathe deck and keep oiled?
Answer– Answers came from everywhere on this so please ask members. Some use sand papers, some use a sponge-type block. …and the different oils used to keep from rusting was varied also.

I hope I have all the answers connected to all the right Questions…lots to be listening about today !!!
Submitted by and fun to do, Bev Meyers sub for Bernie Brown, Editor …. May 10, 2014
Ike’s Corner:

Your club officers are moving forward in putting in place the components for providing great club demonstrations. We now have an outstanding demonstration lathe (Jet 1642) and a pair of good used cameras. At a recent board meeting the decision was made to purchase a projection system to enlarge and display DVD presentations and camera views of demonstrations. Lee Bridge has agreed to research and purchase the appropriate equipment. Your leaders are committed to putting in place the necessary equipment to ensure the monthly instruction is provided in a manner that is easy to see, hear, and understand.
Please let your leaders know how we are doing in making the club an outstanding experience. We need your input to evaluate our progress. If you have suggestions for meeting format, programs, or other details, please share your thoughts.

Be sure to attend the June meeting (6/14/14, 9:00 a.m at Harding School).
Jim’s Corner:
June 2014 Newsletter
At the June 14th meeting we are spotlighting one of our library DVD’s by Jimmy Clewes on turning platters. Richard Kelly will be the presenter for the day. There will be a hand out I was able to get after attending Jimmy Clewes demonstration in Eugene this spring. Hope everyone is busy making chips. It won’t be too long until you will have the opportunity to market some of your turnings at the Cranberry Festival.

Minutes of Board Meeting 5/10/14

President Ike called the meeting to order at 10:50 a.m. in the Harding School. The minutes of the March 4, 2014 Board meeting were approved as presented. Treasurer Jim Eichman reported a cash balance of $2,488.29 in the treasury.

Ed made a motion and Jim Eichman second to approve the expenditure of $1,400 to Bob Jensen for a used Jet 1642 wood lathe. The motion was unanimously approved. It was determined the club would borrow a chuck and other necessary tools for the lathe, until after the purchase of the audio visual equipment.
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