July 2015 NewLetter

News of the South Coast Woodturner’s Club
A Chapter of the American Association of Woodturner’s

July 2015

Meeting Notice:
Our next meeting will be held on: June 11th, 2015 at 9:00am
We meet the second Saturday of each month in the woodshop of the Harding School in
Coos Bay. The Harding Building is located below Marshfield High School on 7th Street.
Parking is behind the building near the football/track field. Enter the workshop through
the door on at the NW corner of the building. Look for our sign on 7th street and near
the door to the classroom.
Members, Guests and Prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Meetings begin at 9am and include a club raffle, show and tell, woodturning demo and
regular club business. Coffee is also provided.

Ikes Corner:
My comments this month are regarding the Cranberry Festival scheduled for September
11-13th. The festival has become the club’s one big outreach for the year. It is an
opportunity to display our projects, raise funds for the club, provide an opportunity for
members to make money, and a chance to reach potential new members.
We sell tops faster than we can make them at the festival. We need all members making
tops. If you would rather make seam rippers or pin cushions, they are also a money
maker for the club.
How about using your hobby to make extra money for you? If your home is getting full of
bowls or other turned items, how about selling some of your things at the festival. There
are always festival goers that want to buy some of our projects. The club does retain
30% on each member’s sale items. You still have time to make some items to sell at the
For those of you new to the festival, working in the booth is fun. We have a couple of
lathes going so members can produce more tops. We also need club members to assist
with the display and sale items. We strive to make sure we have lots of workers allowing
an opportunity for members to visit with festival attenders and fellow Woodturners.
At the July meeting we will begin signing up members in 2 or 4 hour slots to represent
the club in the booth or to work on the setup and takedown crews or both. The setup
crew will do their thing on Friday evening and the take-down crew will be needed for late
Sunday afternoon. Please come to the July meeting ready to put your name down for an
assignment or two.
Make a ton of tops. The club needs them.

Jim’s Program Notes:
July Program
There will be a change in programs for July. Phil Lapp, our scheduled demonstrator,
had surgery and will not be able to be here. So a quick shuffle in programs has been
made. Sonny Meyers will show us how he uses his small hollowing tool to make
Christmas Ornaments, that program was previously scheduled for October. We are
indeed lucky to have members like Sonny who will step up to do the program with very
little notice. It’s really great to have members like him.
Jim Toftner – 541-271-1915 or jimlindat@frontier.com

Secretary Report:
Check out the June meeting notes and Show and Tell below.

Treasurer’s Report:
As of last month we had $2,386.43

Remember to use your library. It has lots of useful info. If you check something out
please be sure to check it out and try to return it at the next meeting.
The list of what we have is on our website. Check it out!!
R. Kelley/SCWT Librarian

We now have hats. $15, they are green bill with Tan top. Items are still available, priced
better than most other options.
Are there any ideas as to what we could stock that would sell??

USE IT, USE IT, USE IT!! If you have photos you would like loaded to it, just email the
images to Shelley Knapp with a description of the image. If you would like your own
area to show off your work, email Shelley a biography of yourself and your turnings.

For Sale:
18″ Craftsman scroll saw. It is on a cabinet stand with 2 drawers and double doors on
the bottom. Anyone that would be interested can call Roy Johnson @541-888-9848 for
particulars and price
To sell items or put a notice in the newsletter contact:
Tristan Holland @786-999-5516 or email tholl294@gmail.com
See you all Saturday, July 11th, at 9:00am!!

South Coast Woodturners
June 13, 2015
1. Welcome Sign-in and Show & Tell
2. Treasurer’s Report – $2,386.43
3. Secretary Input – Newsletter Mystery bowl was Steve Knowlton to Sonny K
4. Membership – Bev Membership Cards
5. Mystery Raffle – Kelley wins Sonny K’s turning
6. Bobs auction stuff – Money goes to the club. Super fast and cheap auction.
Photos of tools for sale talk to Ron Newlander, this money goes to Bob.
Sandpaper from Sonny – $1 or $0.50 roll great deal.
7. Cranberry Festival September 11-13 – It only works if we have help from our
members. Setup and 4hr shifts plus tear down Sunday. Club takes home 30%.
Schedules will be here at the next meeting (Rick)
Tops – Need more. Last year we sold out.
8. Basic Turning Projects – Keep an eye on the newsletter
Afternoon of meeting June – Tops
July –
August –
9. Coos Art Museum Tues-Fri 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Sat. 1:00-4:00 Sunday and Monday- closed. Items will be on display till
the end of the month. Items can be picked up June 27th and 28th. Also
have a show at the CB library in the entry. There until the end of the
10. CBN Wheel 8” Wheel (80-180-220) $125
Side Grind (80-180-220-350) $170. Normal price is $180-$220. If we
purchase as a club we may get a deal.
11. Woodturningonline.com
12. Harding School Principal Meeting
Future – Turning Class – Use of Facilities
Meeting this week. We will keep you posted on what happens.
13. Officers 2015 – We still need a VP
14. Library – Kelle
15. Store – Ron Newlander
16. Future Programs – Jim T.
Next month is Phil Lap, Tom Hasting in August. Thanks to Ed. Ron,Shelley Knapp!!
Rockler has a 15% discount. Jim has the letter.
17. Lunch Plans – Lucky Dragon Buffet
18. Show & Tell
19. Break
20. Wood Raffle
21. Jim Toftner – Rick fox turning natural edge bowls.