July 2014 Show n Tell

Show n Tell at the July 2014 Meeting

7-12-14 Show n Tell - 003 Jim ToftnerJim Toftner: Glass dome cheese plate (left) and cake stand (right). Turned from Myrtlewood, finished in Danish oil. Suggested that cutting a piece of plastic to fit the cheese plate makes for easy clean up. Don’t make the cake stand too tall or it looks out a proportion.

7-12-14 Show n tell - 004 Ron DraftRon Drath: Small bowl (left) from a few meetings ago, is now finished. Ron said thanks for advice. Used wood hardener for final steps. Final finish is friction polish. Spalted maple vessel (right), had many had in the pot. Jay started it, Ron finalized it and Sonny provided advice on the finishing.

7-12-14 Show n tell - 005 Ike LaunsteinIke Launstein: Walnut (believed to be English Walnut) from Sweethome. Finish is Danish oil.

7-12-14 Show n tell - 006 Sonny KurittiSonny Kuritti: Turned using the McNaughton Center Saver System. Bowls are from a single piece of Walnut and finished with Walnut oil and lemon wax. Sonny recommends spending the extra money for the Mike Mahoney DVD about the McNaughton system.

7-12-14 Show n tell - 007 Richard KellyRichard Kelly: Numerous seam rippers, use these as ideas for shapes on the ones you turn for the Cranberry Festival. Start with a blank 6” long and rough out 2. Part out the middle and use your chuck to finish. 3 small ring stands/holders. 2 tops. Ponderosa pine spalted bowl, finished with Canola oil.

7-12-14 Show n tell - 009 Bill BartowiczBill Bartowicz: a maple burl box (right) and a “random wood” segmented bowl (left).

7-12-14 Show n tell - 010 Rick FoxRick Fox: Myrtlewood tall vessels. Tung oil finish. The blue one is colorized with automotive paint. The ponderosa pine vessel (back right) has no finish on it. Also, had the beginnings of a mahogany rolling pin.

7-12-14 Show n tell - 011 Bernie BrownBernie Brown: Steak turner with a juniper branch handle. And a bullet pen with the new Copper metal finish.

7-12-14 Show n tell - 013 Lee BridgeLee Bridge: Pondersoa pine bowl finished with mylans friction finish.

7-12-14 Show n tell - 014 Tristan HollandTristan Holland: Beach find Sea Grape, with shipworms and burn char. Dade County Pine burned stump bowl, finished with its own resin and a blow torch. Off set turning.

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Jim Hodson: 6 new amazing platters!!! Rockfish, trout, humming birds, dragon flys. Maple, Port Orford Cedar, Myrtlewood, Madrone.
Inlayed with cut rocks, and tile samples, wood burned, guilded.