January 2016 NewsLetter

News of the South Coast Woodturner’s Club
A Chapter of the American Association of Woodturner’s
January 2016 

Meeting Notice: Our next meeting will be held on: January 9th, 2016 at 9:00am We meet the second Saturday of each month in the woodshop of the Harding School in Coos Bay. The Harding Building is located below Marshfield High School on 7th Street. Parking is behind the building near the football/track field. Enter the workshop through the door on at the NW corner of the building. Look for our sign on 7th street and near the door to the classroom.
Members, Guests and Prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meetings begin at 9am and include a club raffle, show and tell, woodturning demo and regular club business. Coffee is also provided.
Jim’s Corner: The Board met in December to discuss what we hoped to accomplish in 2016. I am glad that Ike has agreed to take on program for the coming year. It is the hope of your Board that we can make 2016 meetings, as good as or better than, they have been in the past. The goal is to get back to putting tools in the hands of our members. We also want to spread the work load among more members. If you have ideas, please talk to one of your officers. We are here to serve your needs and to assist you in becoming a better turner. Come and see the exceptional demo Ike has planned for us. Jim
Ike’s Program Notes: Jim Hodson will present Embellishing with Stones for the club’s January 9th program. Jim will be demonstrating his techniques for enhancing turned pieces by adding sliced stones and other materials. He will be bringing his diamond stone saw and is open to cutting your small, egg sized stones. This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill for making your turned pieces special.
The shop and lathes will be available in the afternoon for your use. The afternoon shop time is a good opportunity to get advice and assistance from the other club members. If you need an inspiration, I will be available to give you a project idea and a piece of wood. Bring your tools and make use of the club’s lathes.
The February meeting program will be a thorough coverage of the bowl gouge by Bart Stein. Bart is going to cover shaping, sharpening, and proper usage. This will be a great learning time for all club members.
Secretary Report: This is my last newsletter as Secretary. I look forward to helping Jim as the vice president of this great woodtuners club. Thanks goes to Anne for our willingness to take on a new roll in the club. I will continue to take the show and tell pictures and share them with everyone. Tristan
Treasurer’s Report: Approx. $4,000
Membership: South Coast Woodturners’ Membership Dues are now being collected at each meeting. $25 for Family Membership, $20 for Single Membership Also, to check your AAW label saying when your AAW Dues are due. Bev
Library: We have two new books in the library. So check out the website and make up your list on the good stuff you need to check out at the next meeting. We are always looking for suggestions for what we can add to the clubs selection. If you check something out please be sure to check it out and try to return it at the next meeting.
The list of what we have is on our website. Check it out!! R. Kelley/SCWT Librarian
We now have hats. $15, they are green bill with Tan top. Items are still available, priced better than most other options. Are there any ideas as to what we could stock that would sell??
Website: USE IT, USE IT, USE IT!! If you have photos you would like loaded to it, just email the images to Shelley Knapp with a description of the image. If you would like your own area to show off your work, email Shelley a biography of yourself and your turnings.
For Sale: To sell items or put a notice in the newsletter contact: Ann Goulter – loydann@charter.net 541-271-3152
See you all Saturday, January 9th, at 9:00am!!
November Meeting Notes:
South Coast Woodturners November 14, 2015
1. Welcome, Sign-in and Show & Tell
2. Treasurer’s Report. –
3. Secretary’s Input – None
4. Membership – Bev Club & AAW – Pay Bev or Ron for club dues. AAW dues may be different. AAW is important to us as a club. Most of our equipment was from grants provided by AAW. Ike has copies of the latest AAW Journal.
5. Mystery Raffle – Jim wins Linda’s candy dish
6. Christmas Party Sunday 12/13/15 Black Market Gourmet Beef Brisket, bread, salad, potato/rice, vegetable, dessert $20 individual Club is paying $10 Optional – Turned small wrapped item Two items encouraged (so your spouse can have a gift too)
7. Election – As written – Counted by Ed and Bart
8. Turning Class for Harding School October 17th Bernie Brown, Jim Toftner, Ron Drath, Linda Toftner, Rick Fox, Ike, Tristan Tristan took photos & wrote an article for the AAW magazine – Feb 2016
9. Ron Drath & Ed Meyer replaced the bearings. We have 2 more sets of bearings on hand now.
10. Scott Hoefs Assisting w/ AV
11. Club has been allowed to have another room in the shop Jim Toftner & Ron Drath cleaned the new room
12. Wood Sale November 21 1:00 p.m. Open to SCWT only Lumber in like units Silent Auction
13. Library – Kelley – Is anyone interested in having the library or store open more often?
14. Store – Hats & more Check the web site
15. Future Programs – Bart & Ike working on 2016 programs January – Jim Hodson Embellishing w/ stones and more Bart and Ike are open to ideas and volunteers.
16. Lunch Plans – Lucky Start on Newmark and 101
17. Afternoon – Shop will be open for turning.
18. CBN wheels – $149 or $169 depending on style. $309 or $249 for pairs. 80-180-300 grit.
19. Break
20. Wood Raffle
21. Program – Jim Toftner
22. Guest – Chuck has items for sale.