February 2015 Show n Tell

Show n Tell at the February Meeting

2015 Feb Show n Tell SonyM Sonny M – Myrtlewood Bowl. Black Walnut and Maple laminated box. Small box out of myrtle.
All finished with Mylans friction polish and Renaissance wax.

2015 Feb Show n Tell TristanHTristan – Myrtewood fish whacker in progress

2015 Feb Show n Tell ToftnersJim T and Linda T – Duck calls with the help of Art, Linda’s is prettier.
All out of Myrtlewood and finished with Dr’s. Honey dipper like what we are turning at the class.

2015 Feb Show n Tell KellyKelly – Redwood platter. Double back tape trial and error, ended up using hot glue.
Finished with Dr’s. Hand crank pepper grinder, with an Ironwood.

2015 Feb Show n Tell EdEd – Ponderosa pine – no finish so far, just red biels.

2015 Feb Show n Tell BillBBill B. – Segmented vessel made with “garbage”. Whistle’s, Flashlight, rice bowl w/chop sticks
all from ideas on http://www.technitool.com. Plans can be printed for free.
Honey bowl and dipper, with tray for dipper.
Laughing box (Video on the website) from mahogany, Corian, Myrtlewood finished with walnut oil.

2015 Feb Show n Tell SteveASteve A – Wands – Spiral cut tips Walnut and maple…Myrtle and ebony handles…
Combat wand oak with paracord wrapped handle. Use a drill press for the initial spiral, then finish with Dremel tool.

2015 Feb Show n Tell JimH2

2015 Feb Show n Tell JimH1Jim H – Maple with a salmon and dragon flyies and rock inlay.
Off center old rescue boat from Umpqua light house. Dyed yellows, reds, blue sanded and finished with lacquer.
Advice- if you buy a vacuum chuck, buy a good one it is worth it.