August 2014 Show n Tell

Show n Tell at the August 2014 

8-2014 Ed_Meyer webEd Meyer: Potpourri holder with pewter top, finished with lacquer.

8 -2014 Bill_Bartoswicz_Cane web Bill Bartoswicz: Alligator head cane. Picture was missed at the July 2014 meeting.

8-2014 Bill_Bartoswicz_Bowls webBill Bartoswicz:  Sunflower with flea market petals on a Myrtlewood base.
Tan Oak segmented bowl with scrap bottom, finished in wipe on poly.
Small segment bowl Purple heart, Yellow heart and scrap. Buffed out with lamb’s wool. And a Spalted Myrtlewood tall box.

8-2014 Ike_Laustein_Bowl webIke Launstein:  Myrtlewood seam ripper.
Plum bowl from the woodpile that his granddaughter loved. It will be given to her as a gift now that it is finished.

8-2014 Richard_Kelly webRichard Kelly: Seam rippers for visual ideas from Ash and Walnut.
Ringy Thingy Dingy’s with embellishments.

8-2014 Ron_Darth_Bowls webRon Darth: Many items primarily made of Myrtlewood.
Items include: Seam rippers, 3 wing bowl with finial finished in Danish oil,
jewelry box with finial, finished in Danish oil, large plate and bottle stopper, 2 wine glasses and a box.

8-2014 Sonny_Meyers_Tops webSonny Meyers: A pile of tops for the Cranberry Festival, about 30 of them!!
Using 3″ squares in the chuck works great.

[column-group] [column]8-2014 Rick_Fox_Stump web[/column] [column]8-2014 Rick_Fox_Vase web[/column] [/column-group]Rick Fox: Root Ball in progress, dulls tools fast. Tall Ponderosa pine vessels, with spray lacquer finish. Appetizer forks, wood and finish unknown. Craft Supply serving spoon – how do you use the tang???? Ideas included: Drill holes and fill with epoxy or cut a slit with the band saw.