August 2014 NewLetter

News of the South Coast Woodturner’s Club
A Chapter of the American Association of Woodturner’s
August 2014

Meeting Notice:
Our next meeting will be held on: August 9th, 2014
We meet the second Saturday of each month in the woodshop of the Harding School in
Coos Bay. The Harding Building is located below Marshfield High School on 7th Street.
Parking is behind the building near the football/track field. Enter the workshop through
the door on at the NW corner of the building. Look for our sign on 7th street and near
the door to the classroom.
Members, Guests and Prospective members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meetings
begin at 9am and include a club raffle, show and tell, woodturning demo and regular club
business. Coffee is also provided.
July 2014 Meeting Minutes and Notes:
Guests included:
Ike’s grandson Seth. Started his first turning on this visit.

Board Notes:
The club is short of dry hardwood needed for making tops at the Cranberry Festival. If
you have any wood approximately 2.5” x 2.5” x ?? dry hardwood that you are willing to
donate for making tops. Please bring it to the August meeting. This will save the club
from having to go out and buy stock for use at the festival.

Ikes Corner:
Ron Drath has agreed to serve as treasurer filling that open position. As I announced
previously, Tristan Holland has agreed to serve as the club’s secretary. Thank you
Tristan and Ron for your willingness to serve in these two roles. Thank you to Bernie and
Jim Eichman for your time and work in previously filling these roles.
Your board has a meeting scheduled to approve the two new officers and to put them to
work as board members. The board will be meeting on 8/4/14 with a full agenda of
business. I will give a report at the August member meeting.
Please be making tops and seam rippers for the club to sell at the Cranberry Festival in
September. The club should also have a few more knitting bowls to sell. The new lathe
and the AV equipment are great additions, but we need some additional money to buy
the last important pieces for each. The sale of items at the Cranberry will provide the needed funds.
Please plan to make sale items and to participate at the festival. It is an enjoyable experience.

Treasurer’s Report:
We currently have $1865.00 on hand.

Kelley is still working on the numbering system. Plus we have lots of new and old
material. Cranberry festival is coming up. Seam rippers, ring holders and tops. Make the
base wider, as they seem to sell better. Tops with colors sell faster too.

We now have hats. $15, they are green bill with Tan top. Items are still available, priced
better than most other options.
Are there any ideas as to what we could stock that would sell??
Jim’s Program Notes:
Bring along your favorite tools this month and help us make things for the club for
the Bandon Cranberry Festival. We will have sheets available for you to list your
items you wish to sell at the festival, with instructions on how to prepare them. This is a
great opportunity to sell the things you make and help the club continue to participate in
this event. You will receive 70% of the gross sale and the club will retain 30% to cover

Website: USE IT!! USE IT! Shelley has done us a great favor and great job setting it up!
Rick Fox added that we would like to have more galleries shown. Currently we have 3
members represented. Doesn’t matter your skill/ability, but if you would like to have a
gallery, just email Shelley pictures and a bio. Anyone can have a gallery

Cranberry Festival:
Rick will have a sign up at August’s meeting. The dates are September 12th
-14th. We will need people to help setup on Friday the 12th and people to help sell on Saturday the 13th
and Sunday the 14th. Rick will have signup sheets at the meeting Saturday, August 9th.
Things that sell well with the money going to the club include: Tops, seam rippers, ring
stands, knitting bowls. Remember that you can sell your own items with 30% going
back to the club.

August Show and Tell:
See the attached Show and Tell photo’s sheet.
To sell items or put a notice in the newsletter contact:
Tristan Holland